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Monday, 5 April 2010

Raw 6th Apri;

Quick Results (In-Depth Thoughts Follow)

Opening Segment
The opening segment announced New Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger's move to Smackdown and announces the main events for the evening Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger and ShowMiz vs Batista and John Cena for the Tag Titles.

Sheamus vs Kofi & The Sheamus/Triple H Confrontation
Semi-squash to show how dominant Sheamus is and the repeat use of the pipe. Then Sheamus badmouths Triple H and Shawn Michaels until Triple H attacks with the sledgehammer.

Dress to Impress Battle Royal (featuring Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian, Katie Lea Burchill, The Bella Twins, Eve Torres)
Match purely to set up Eve vs Maryse for the Diva's Title next week.

Unified Tag Team Championshipm Match ShowMiz vs John Cena & Batista
Cena tried to tag and Batista refused and ShowMiz won by Count Out when Cena chased Batista. Ontunga announces another match himself and Cena vs ShowMiz for the titles later.

Ted DiBiase jr. vs Christian
Moved forward the DiBiase character to a more Million Dollar man gimmick. DiBiase wins with Dream street.

Randy Orton vs Jack Swagger
Randy Cleanly beats Swagger in a good match.

Unified Tag Team Championship Match ShowMiz vs John Cena & David Otunga

Otunga refuses to take the tag and allows Cena to take the Punch from hell. Batista comes down and Batista Bombs Cena and announces Last Man Standing at Extreme Rules.

In-depth Thoughts

The opening segment was in my opinion an okay way to start the broadcast. I feel that it tied the Swagger loose end following his World Championship victory, while questioning his legitimacy as champion. Swagger has definitely improved and i feel personally that his lisp actually distinguishes him from the other amateur wrestling background wrestlers that seem to become perennial mid-carders e.g Shelton Benjamin; however i feel when the more experienced main eventers of Orton and Cena came out he was lost in the background. The match-ups made little sense to me at the time of viewing this segment, however Otunga did seem to have method behind his match making that he later explained.

Kofi what has happened to him? Though I never expected anything else other than a squash the Kofi of two/three months ago would of given Sheamus a far more competitive and enjoyable match; it raises the question does Orton really have that much stroke backstage that he can stop someone's push in its track? I feel the break between the match ending and the Sheamus mic work made sense financially for the company, but can we honestly be expected to believe Sheamus would stand there waiting for 3 minutes? Sheamus' goading of Triple H for me was clever, the use of HBK made sense as did Triple H's retaliation of pure aggression with the sledgehammer, well thought out segment with the Pipe vs the Sledgehammer angle going into extreme rules.

The Diva battle royal oh dear the poorest match in the broadcast by a long way, which was shown by Kelly Kelly doing the most impressive move. The only thing i honestly enjoyed about this match was the bitchiness of Maryse about the diva's dresses. Can we really be expected to believe that women can wrestle in Dresses? The camera work made it obvious that Eve was going to win as well as the Jillian-Alicia two on one attack. Segment could of been shorter when was simply to make Eve number one contender for next week.

The Otunga video package was fine, it educates the none NXT watchers about who he is and what the programme as a whole is about, which with its lowly viewing figures it needs desperately. The backstage segment however was well nearly as poor as the diva battle royal. I suspect Vince booked Otunga to win the NXT battle royal with the idea Otunga's girlfriend Jennifer Hudson might make an appearance to add some star power, however she didn't and they just used randomers who didn't look A-List to compensate. The Santino Mr T stupidity and the Hornswoggle green M&Ms thing were just lame; both of these characters are now wearing thin on me, their hilarity unfortunately has simply diminished.

The Tag Team match was obviously going to go one way the heel Batista refusing the babyface Cena's Tag. What i did like was after the count out the fact that they added some sensibility to the reactions; Cena looking upset made sense because he lost his chance at winning the Tag Titles. Otunga then giving himself a title shot with Cena later on in the broadcast made sense, why wouldn't he when he has the power too. Good believable and sensible segment.

Ted DiBiase jr. is now Million Dollar Man 2.0 the spoilt brat edition, after his ownership of The Million Dollar Belt citing that his dad only ever gave him money and not love, bless him! The match itself I feel was a good TV match, with them allowing Christian and Ted offense, with both reversing each others finishers showing they learnt each others style from last week's match. Ted winning was obvious after his promo, however the performance of Christian week in week out hopefully is catching the eye of Vince.

Nice Shawn Michaels package that luckily wasn't unlike usual shown fifty times per broadcast. This made it special which is how it should be.

The new confident Swagger is a good add to his character rather than the jumping around the ring beating his chest stuff. This was by far the best match on the broadcast, with a couple of near fall and finisher attempts. However I have a problem with the finish, should Orton really be pinning the World Heavyweight Champion cleanly? This degrades the Championship and made Swagger look upper mid-card rather than main event. I feel a Jericho run-in DQ would of been better for Swagger and his status.

Note to WWE, The Hoff is not the most popular man in Britain, in fact he isn't even British, they really made themselves look stupid there.

The tag main event for me was a good match until the finish, why did Otunga refuse the tag? Why not win his first title with Cena; unless we see a return of favour by Batista or ShowMiz on NXT then this really is nonsensical. Though the segment did have a purpose to announce the Last Man Standing Match I feel they could of had Otunga make a Rookie mistake and have that cost the match than have the Batista beat down with the same end, but with a sensible lead to it.

Final thoughts of this broadcast are that it was a strong wrestling show compared to most Raws, while there was significant storyline movement, however the lack of storyline for Orton seems strange, as well as the clean pin of the Heavyweight Champion.

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